The Transformation Game

The Transformation Game®

A fun and enlighting game for four players. Do you have a query about a situation or want to reflect on an idea for your next adventure? Then this game could be a revealing experience for you! Your "playing focus" is discussed while you travel through the four levels of Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual.

The Transformation Game® is a great way through play to take a journey through a problem's many levels to help unravel the solution.

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"The Transformation Game®, is a fun and complex board game which offers a playful yet substantial way of understanding and transforming key issues in your life. It can be played at varying levels of intensity, from a light-hearted way of gaining insight into yourself, to a tool to help solve problems, clarify important personal issues, or creatively enhance relationships."

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Felice's review of the Transformation Game

Short introduction to prepare yourself for a Transformation Game

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