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Removing the blocks to self-improvement

My Holistic Soul Healing work involves combining the knowledge I have gained through the Advanced Diploma in Psychotherapy Counselling I completed, together with the teachings of Swedenborg (as discussed in Off The Left Eye), The School of Life and ThetaHealing®.

My personal belief is that what may now be considered a block to self-evolvement and improvement was once put in place for us to feel safe. I feel the teachings from The School of Life are very important to help people understand the basic whys behind the behaviour that they now may experience as a problem, and empower them to make the changes themselves. However, additional help may be required with deeper soul defenses to fears that have become “blind spots”.

A block tends to be an overcoating of a fear. Most of the time from something we encountered as a child, but it can also be a fear we have inherited from our family or ancestral line. This fear becomes covered with a lot of protective layers as we grow and forms into a block. These protective layers can present themselves in many different ways such as avoidance or self-sabotaging behaviours; and/or restricting viewpoints and beliefs about the world and ourselves.

The reason I love using the combination of the Transformation Game and the ThetaHealing® modality of removing blocks or negative beliefs is that once the underlying fear to the block has been located, it can be removed through finding out what purpose it was serving and replacing it with a more soul-nourishing version. The protective layers that were once around this fear (those known, and unknown) dissolve and are no longer present in a person’s life, freeing their souls up to evolve.

On Blocks attracting pests and unwanted spirit attention.

Another advantage to removing a block that you have become aware of in your life is that the spirits that use it as a food source (by triggering it and causing you to feel negative emotions) no longer have that to feed off and head off somewhere else (or if you’re more spiritually inclined, and you can sense them, you can command that they be sent to Source’s light to be transformed - this is using the ThetaHealing® technique for wandering spirits, but you may know others). I call these spiritual leeches. If you want to learn more about the world of spirit’s behaviour towards the physical realm I recommend checking out The Off the Left Eye channel. Entities of more positive persuasions, love to assist you when a request is sent to the Source for help, and do not need to feed off your emotions.

So by removing blocks once you become aware of them, it will help you to clear the underlying fear that may have been an unfortunate family heirloom. Not only will this benefit you but your connected family as well. Freeing up space for soul growth for all.

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